Computational Methods

Computational Methods

Mehmet Yıldız
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • Mechanics of Composite Materials

    Engineering analysis of composite material for design applications involves implementation of mechanical models using plate-deformation theory in conjunction with finite element method. This research aims at developing finite element based design methods for the application of curvilinear fiber placement manufacturing technique.

  • Multiphysics Modeling

Bahattin Koç
Mustafa Ünel
Erhan Budak
  • Topology Optimization

    Stiffness of composite materials must be determined at the design stage according to their application. Topology optimization methods allow optimization of directional elastic properties such as stiffness and buckling resistance according to the given application. In this filed topology optimization methods will be developed for composite design applications.

Eralp Demir
  • Design of Variable Stiffness Composites

    Development of finite element based optimization methods for design of variable stiffness composites – in progress

  • Crystal Plasticity

    Metal plasticity inherently involves evolution of texture hence directional stiffness and strength. Crystal plasticity research aims at accurate modeling of anisotropic elastoplastic responses of metallic crystals and its applications, i.e. micro machining, metal forming applications for automotive industry etc.