KTMM Seminar:Thermo-Mechanical Modeling of Turn-Milling Operations

KTMM Seminar:Thermo-Mechanical Modeling of Turn-Milling Operations


02 Mayıs  Çarşamba günü, 13:50-14:40 saatleri arasında Kompozit Teknolojileri Mükemmeliyet Merkezinde; Dr.Umut Karagüzel "Thermo-Mechanical Modeling of  Turn-Milling Operationsbaşlıklı seminer verecektir.

 Sabancı Üniversitesi -Teknopark Gidiş 

Araç Hareket Saati : 13:30
Araç Hareket Alanı : Sunum Binası Önü 

Teknopark- Sabancı Üniversitesi Dönüş

Araç Hareket Saati : 15:20

Araç Hareket Alanı : KTMM Binası Önü  




Title:                   Thermo-Mechanical Modeling of  Turn-Milling Operations

Speaker:            Dr.Umut KARAGÜZEL

Time:                  Mayıs 02, 2018, 13:50-14:40

Place:                 Teknopark- KTMM


The demands for improved productivity are increasing continuously in today’s manufacturing industry. One of the most important needs of the industry is to determine the optimum process parameters those provide the improved productivity. One way to accomplish the improved productivity is to conduct a series of experiments. However, this could be very costly. A better way to obtain the optimum process parameters is to develop reliable process models which can predict the process outputs. For this purpose, firstly, the predictive models on turn-milling operation will be discussed during this seminar. Turn-milling is a relatively new manufacturing operation which combines conventional turning and milling operations and aims improved productivity by offering advantages such as longer tool life, better surface quality and chip control, lower process forces etc. Then, the projects related to the modeling of other manufacturing processes such as composite manufacturing will be presented and the ideas for the future studies will be given.



Dr. Umut Karaguzel received his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Istanbul Technical University in the year of 2008 and master’s degree in Materials and Manufacturing Program from Istanbul Technical University in the year of 2010. He performed his PhD study in the field of Manufacturing Engineering at Istanbul Technical University where he worked as a Research and Teaching Assistant in between 2009 and 2016. In addition, a part of his PhD study was conducted in Germany at Fraunhofer IWU where he visited twice and worked as a guest researcher. After receiving his PhD degree in August 2016, he has started to work as an Assistant Professor Doctor at Isik University in the department of Mechanical Engineering and in 2017 he was accepted to CIRP (The International Academy for Production Engineering) as a Research Affiliate.